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The Loan Broker Academy

Dot Waves

Are you a real estate financing broker that loses clients to the competition because you don’t have the knowledge, tools, resources, and lender connections your investor clients need? Are you considering launching a career as a real estate financing broker?

Are you ready to build a highly profitable brokerage business
in the investment real estate financing space
that allows you to live life on your terms?

With The
Loan Broker Academy:

Ian Tucker, mentor, coach

Be a specialist loan broker, with the knowledge, tools, resources, and lending partners you need to be an expert in the investment real estate financing space.

Offer your investor clients the options and solutions they are looking for, and increase your earnings by well over six figures.

Hard Money and DSCR loan broker


  • You knew every rule, guideline, and variable that’s involved with Hard Money and DSCR loans so that you do not give clients the wrong information.

  • You had proven tools and resources right at your fingertips so that you are not having to figure things out on your own.

  • You had connections with the best lenders and Account Executives in the REI financing space so you didn’t waste your time working the wrong people.

  • You knew how to find and attract new investor clients on a daily basis.

  • You had an experienced mentor looking over your shoulder to make sure you are on the right track and closing multiple loans every week.

  • You were connected to a private community of like-minded brokers who were exactly where you are right now, but who are now brokering loans and running their own successful brokerages.

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